Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Kerry Flap -- Don't Believe the Hype

Republicans, looking for any scrap of dirt they can hurl at candidates this election, chose to pick John Kerry's comments to some college students and blow it completely out of proportion, knowing that if they bitch long enough and loud enough, the So Called Liberal Media will help them run with the ball.

Does ANYONE really think that Kerry's comments were more than a botched joke?

After all, John Kerry, despite the vicious smear campaign leveled against him by Swift Boat Captains For Slander, served in the military with distinction, getting wounded, and winning medals. He served his country and understood what it was like to fight in a pointless war.

George Bush served his country valiantly too, keeping Texas safe from the Viet Cong and ensuring that bars were able to stay in business during that difficult time. He even ensured our safety by not showing up for duty for awhile.

Kerry's joke was a stretch. But let's face it, John Kerry is to humor what Mark Foley is to the Boy Scouts.

What Kerry said appears to me to be in direct reference to George Bush's own embracing of his own poor track record as a student. This is the guy who said, "To those of you who've recieved honors, awards and distinctions, I say well done, and to the C students... I say, you too can be President of the United States."

If I were the Democrats, I would admonish Kerry for the joke, but point out that this administration, made up of NUMEROUS PEOPLE WHO NEVER SAW BATTLE, waves the flag at the same time they're cutting benefits for troops, sending them into battle with inadequate supplies and troop counts, and went into Iraq without paying any attention to the numerous experts who HAD served who told them it was a mistake, including George Bush's own father. Who is more disrespectful? A guy who botched a joke, or a guy who is responsible for misleading us into a war that killed thousands of our troops and maimed thousands more?

Don't believe the hype. A stupid comment by John Kerry is nothing more than a stupid comment by John Kerry. Republicans got us into the mess in Iraq and they're not going to do anything to get us out.

Vote Democrat!

Last Debate -- Winner Yarmuth?

Okay, I realize picking a winner in a debate is like picking a winner in your nose. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

Here are my thoughts....

Yes it's rude, but the camera was not kind to Ms. Northup, who looked like she just stepped out of a Mary Kay free trial.

Yarmuth could use an eyebrow trimming.

W Ed Parker could use a specific or two.

Donna Mancini looks like she's been using a bud or two of the marijuana.

In watching the debate I have to say that Anne lost handily. Her criticisms of Yarmuth were easily batted aside (because they were patently false). She was so nervous or ill prepared that she kept referring to her notes, screwing up the main points she was trying to make, referring to the attacks of November 11th and talking about John Yarmuth's wanting to take the phrase "under God" out of the Constitution, which of course is not true. She broke the debate rules in her closing. She said "we have two bridges that are right on the verge of being in full construction". Wow, that's like almost pregnant, isn't it? "We have a VA hospital that we're about to purchase land. We're about to go forward." Running again on two incomplete projects.

Yarmuth was nervous as well, but stayed on message and looked at the camera when speaking, not his notes.

What I find most telling about the debate is that Anne Northup, when she had the chance to question any candidate, chose Donna Mancini, who spent the entire debate looking like a sedated deer in headlights. If she's got so many issues with John Yarmuth, why not address him, since he's your main opponent. The reason? She knows that she can't win a debate one on one and that her issues with him are all things she took out of context to try and use against him.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Top 10 Things Anne Northup Will Soon Be Taking Credit For

The article below appeared in the CJ today. It appears that there are a few people upset with Annie taking credit for Waterfront Park.

To help Anne, let me find 10 more things she can take credit for:

10) Stimulated the local film and video community by shooting numerous commercials for myself.
9) Promoted free speech, no matter how vile, by brining attention to that awful liberal rag, LEO weekly.
8) Unwittingly revived the career of Diffrent Strokes actor Todd Bridges by saying bridges 13,289 times during my campaign.
7) Allowed that annoyingly partisan group the NAACP to garner some attention for itself by not showing up at their debate.
6) Came back strong after a difficult time recently. By that, I mean my inability to fundraise.
5) Never once pointed out that my opponent isn't a Christian.
4) Showed the value of hard work by always showing myself with my head buried in papers. Signing those special interest checks can wear a person out, but it's worth it.
3) Helped accelerate the funding of the VA hospital in Louisville by making sure there were enough soldiers getting maimed in Iraq to support the need.
2) I never took any campaign contributions from John Mark Karr, Saddam Hussein, Michael Jackson, or Charles Manson. I think. Those contributor databases are huge. Let me get back to you.
1) Demonstrated that in America, it is truly possible for ANYONE to get elected.

Northup ad 'undercutting' non-profit 'success story'

We object to Rep. Anne Northup's use of Waterfront Park to score political points. By posting self-serving billboards proclaiming her "support" for Waterfront Park, she is undercutting this remarkable non-profit and non-partisan community success story. This wonderful park is not her creation, but rather the product of a 20-year coalition that has engaged countless generous corporations, foundations and individuals in making what was once a dream a reality.

Anne Northup tastelessly tries to take election year advantage of Waterfront Park. To the extent that federal dollars have helped the project, we should recognize that these come not from Northup but from all of us who are taxpayers, regardless of political party. Numerous other dedicated public servants and civic leaders, including state and local officials, have played vital roles in building Waterfront Park. Although many have run for election -- including Mayor Jerry Abramson and former Mayor David Armstrong -- none has had the audacity to post billboards seeking political gain from Waterfront Park.

By politicizing this extraordinary community project, Northup shows disrespect for all those donors of every political persuasion and from every walk of life who have contributed so selflessly to Waterfront Park.








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