Monday, October 30, 2006

Top 10 Things Anne Northup Will Soon Be Taking Credit For

The article below appeared in the CJ today. It appears that there are a few people upset with Annie taking credit for Waterfront Park.

To help Anne, let me find 10 more things she can take credit for:

10) Stimulated the local film and video community by shooting numerous commercials for myself.
9) Promoted free speech, no matter how vile, by brining attention to that awful liberal rag, LEO weekly.
8) Unwittingly revived the career of Diffrent Strokes actor Todd Bridges by saying bridges 13,289 times during my campaign.
7) Allowed that annoyingly partisan group the NAACP to garner some attention for itself by not showing up at their debate.
6) Came back strong after a difficult time recently. By that, I mean my inability to fundraise.
5) Never once pointed out that my opponent isn't a Christian.
4) Showed the value of hard work by always showing myself with my head buried in papers. Signing those special interest checks can wear a person out, but it's worth it.
3) Helped accelerate the funding of the VA hospital in Louisville by making sure there were enough soldiers getting maimed in Iraq to support the need.
2) I never took any campaign contributions from John Mark Karr, Saddam Hussein, Michael Jackson, or Charles Manson. I think. Those contributor databases are huge. Let me get back to you.
1) Demonstrated that in America, it is truly possible for ANYONE to get elected.

Northup ad 'undercutting' non-profit 'success story'

We object to Rep. Anne Northup's use of Waterfront Park to score political points. By posting self-serving billboards proclaiming her "support" for Waterfront Park, she is undercutting this remarkable non-profit and non-partisan community success story. This wonderful park is not her creation, but rather the product of a 20-year coalition that has engaged countless generous corporations, foundations and individuals in making what was once a dream a reality.

Anne Northup tastelessly tries to take election year advantage of Waterfront Park. To the extent that federal dollars have helped the project, we should recognize that these come not from Northup but from all of us who are taxpayers, regardless of political party. Numerous other dedicated public servants and civic leaders, including state and local officials, have played vital roles in building Waterfront Park. Although many have run for election -- including Mayor Jerry Abramson and former Mayor David Armstrong -- none has had the audacity to post billboards seeking political gain from Waterfront Park.

By politicizing this extraordinary community project, Northup shows disrespect for all those donors of every political persuasion and from every walk of life who have contributed so selflessly to Waterfront Park.








Congratulations to the University of Louisville which won a major Football Game tonite in a stadium John Yarmuth Said should NOT BE BUILT.
Thanks to folks with more foresite than John Yarmuth the stadium was built and we now have a Nationally recognized Football Program.
Soo what else is John Yarmuth going to suggest we do not need?
Maybe those pesky bridges that are going to be built through his neighborhood
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