Monday, May 21, 2007

Anne Northup's Unanimous Endorsement

Anne Northup's most recent ad for the Republican primary touts "all of Kentucky's largest newspapers unanimously endorse Anne Northup for Governor."

It'd be great if it weren't a lie. The paper she plays up most, the Advocate Messenger, is a Danville paper with a circulation of 10,506 daily and 11,561 Sunday. She fails to mention the LEO, which has a circulation of 38,000, which endorsed Billy Harper. The LEO stated, "We seriously considered endorsing Anne Northup, primarily because of her experience in government and, well, she’s not the scandal-plagued, mildly bigoted compulsive liar that Fletcher is. But she declined our invitation for a sit-down, not just once but throughout three weeks of daily phone and e-mail prodding. Her people finally decided she could give us an interview after we had already put two issues of governor’s race coverage out there."

It should be noted that the Courier Journal also received no response from her, but endorsed her anyway.

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