Thursday, November 02, 2006

Last Debate -- Winner Yarmuth?

Okay, I realize picking a winner in a debate is like picking a winner in your nose. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

Here are my thoughts....

Yes it's rude, but the camera was not kind to Ms. Northup, who looked like she just stepped out of a Mary Kay free trial.

Yarmuth could use an eyebrow trimming.

W Ed Parker could use a specific or two.

Donna Mancini looks like she's been using a bud or two of the marijuana.

In watching the debate I have to say that Anne lost handily. Her criticisms of Yarmuth were easily batted aside (because they were patently false). She was so nervous or ill prepared that she kept referring to her notes, screwing up the main points she was trying to make, referring to the attacks of November 11th and talking about John Yarmuth's wanting to take the phrase "under God" out of the Constitution, which of course is not true. She broke the debate rules in her closing. She said "we have two bridges that are right on the verge of being in full construction". Wow, that's like almost pregnant, isn't it? "We have a VA hospital that we're about to purchase land. We're about to go forward." Running again on two incomplete projects.

Yarmuth was nervous as well, but stayed on message and looked at the camera when speaking, not his notes.

What I find most telling about the debate is that Anne Northup, when she had the chance to question any candidate, chose Donna Mancini, who spent the entire debate looking like a sedated deer in headlights. If she's got so many issues with John Yarmuth, why not address him, since he's your main opponent. The reason? She knows that she can't win a debate one on one and that her issues with him are all things she took out of context to try and use against him.

Wow personal insults from a liberal supporter of John Yarmuth. What a surprise.
Tell me what exactly has John Yarmuth done that qualifies him to run for Congress other than be rich and privileged.
Has he ever passed legislation?
Has he ever had a job that he had to do physical labor at?
Did he ever start a business with money he earned?
Of course none of those are crimes. I am sure he is a fine person and hard worker, but I just do not see any time in his life that he worked that he was not already the boss.
He has no clue how to set up legislation.
As for your comments on the bridges, that is beneath contempt. Ann Northup does not live 3 doors down from the people who are trying to block the bridges yet Yarmuth does and he has been against the East End Bridge because it would go through HIS neighborhood.
As for your comment about not mentioning Mr. Yarmuth not being a Christian? Why would you even mention that unless you are attempting to tar Ms. Northup with something that has NEVER even been mentioned in the campaign.
Mr. Yarmuth is for Abortion
Mr. Yarmuth called people who believe the constitution gives them the right to own firearms "Stupid Rednecks".
Mr. Yarmuth has SAID in editorials we should abolish Social Security but runs ads saying he will protect it? From WHAT?
The Republicans made an effort to fix the Social Security Problems, and it failed. Yet we hear nothing from Mr. Yarmuth on how he would fix it other than dropping it for all under the age of 50.
At least the Republicans tried to do something that would return more interest than the current system which does not pay any interest but takes our money and holds it.
People who opted out of Social Security in government are making 3 times what Social Security is paying thanks to the investments.
Both Yarmuth and Northup are Millionaire's, but NORTHUP and family made the money themselves, Yarmuth got it handed to him.
Bottom line is that Northup has the experience and the ability to bring home the bacon.
She did help to get money for the Riverfront, for the bridges, for a NEW VA Hospital, and that is more than YARMUTH has EVER done for this community.
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