Thursday, October 26, 2006

Northup On Rumsfeld -- Hey Anne, What Took You So Long?

Some are calling Anne Northup's request for Rumsfeld to resign a shameless political move to pander to some votes she might be losing and to show she isn't always in Bush's corner.

Personally, I like to hope she sees what many of us have seen for years. Rumsfeld is an arrogant, small minded man with an ego fourteen times the size of his intellect who cares nothing about the men and women who are dying in Iraq. He got us into a war that cannot be won. He is the most vile person in an administration full of them. He ignored intelligence, he ignored advice from people with much more experience and savvy than him, and he continues to ignore reality.

So I agree with Anne. He should be tossed out on his butt, and soon, before 100s more soldiers die and we still find ourselves having to leave Iraq with nothing "won".

If it wasn't an election year and she was so scared of losing, she would have supported Rumsfeld the way she always has. She needs to go!!!!
For an opposing view of Mr. Yarmuth and Ann Northup please to to:
I have attempted to purchase ads on Google but they do not show up. Strange that a BLOG that is Anti Northup shows up #3 for Ann Northup for Congress when you search but NO anti Yarmuth sites appear on the first page of searches.
Must be them Crazy Liberal Search Engines. Or maybe it's the fact that this blog has been up and running for some time and worked in ways to get Google's attention.... all without buying a single ad.
Your Blog shows as having been started 2 months before the election. The Google Sand Box takes 6 months to get out of. Beyond that.. I have the right to advertise opposing views, but Google has year in and year out shown a real provable Democratic Leaning in its results.
More often than not Anti Republican sites appear on the Republican results while no such sites seem to show up on the opposing sites.
When I attempted to PURCHASE ads for my site, I was denied for 4 days. I buy ads on Google and on Yahoo all the time to supplement search terms I rank well on. It has never taken more than an hour for search terms to be shown. ONLY when it is about Politics does Google seem to drag its feet in approving an ad.
I know how to run a website and code one and how to get it on Google and shortcut the Sand Box. Still the last 4 major elections have proven Google's Democratic Leanings.
For a search engine that prides itself on fairness, its results for the last 4 major elections can be proven to have been less than objective.
Thats my real name by the way not some anonymous name or made up handle. IF you believe what you say then use your name .. otherwise you are just hiding behind the internet.
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