Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Context is everything... unless you're trying to mislead voters like Anne Northup

Anne Northup has spent her entire campaign harping on two issues she says Yarmuth supports. A gas tax and a payroll tax.

Her website has the video of "Yarmuth Calling for Doubling the Payroll Tax."

Problem is that the video doesn't have Yarmuth saying that. It has him talking about how doubling the tax could make Medicare solvent. It's an idea to address a growing problem. Anne Northup and her Republican brethren believe in bigger government with no way to pay for it. But Anne doesn't believe in fixing problems, she believes in easy answers that leave the world a mess for future generations.

The other video is the one I mentioned previously. Again, its an idea to help lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

Can't Anne come up with something new, like ideas of her own?

Did you catch the debate on WAVE last night? I found it deplorable that Scott Reynolds continually carried Northup's water. Yarmuth actually had to debate both Reynolds and Northup, and Reynolds made sure to frame each issue in rightwing terms.

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