Thursday, October 26, 2006

Compassionate Conservatives

That fat, drug addicted, mouthpiece for Anne Northup and George Bush, Rush Limbaugh decides to attack Michael J Fox over yet another Republican non-issue in stem cell research. Because Republicans feel that it is better to toss embryos than let research happen on them, they feel it's okay to attack a beloved actor and champion for a cure to a horrible disease. Is this what Jesus would do?

This is the guy that these ultra conservatives love: a bloated sad sack windbag who apparently was so troubled with his own rhetoric that he got addicted to hillbilly heroin.

Enough is enough. It's time for real discussion of issues and concern for people by politicians with IQ's higher than their waist size.


OK, Rush is a loud mouth, but you obviously did not HEAR the Rush Comments in person. Apparently you are going by what the LIBERAL media is going to tell you.
Rush Limbaugh questioned whether he was off his meds. I read Mr. Fox has admitted in the past going OFF the meds in order to show people what the affects of the disease are. Beyond that are his appearances on TV Recently with NO symptoms.
Beyond that is the FACT that NO cures have been found using the techniques that he wants to have made legal. Science SUGGESTS it could end Parkinson's but there are no guarantees.
Remember Interferon? It was supposed to cure Cancer. Science PROMISED us.
Michael J. Fox, bless his pea pickin heart, is using his illness to promote an agenda. In doing so he has opened himself up to criticism.
Rush may be a jerk, He may be boisterous, but Rush is NORMALLY right.
Michael Fox opened the box... he should be willing to take the criticism.
Rush and his drug addled brain are seldom right. If Rush was, he would appear on more shows where he could be openly debated.

Frankly, I think most people who are seriously ill will do any damned thing possible to get research into a cure.

Rush will do anything to get attention.

There is a difference.

I realize that science is the bane of Conservative existance, much as it is to the radical Islamic world.
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