Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice -- Axis of Clueless

Feel safer these days? A few short years after Bush proclaimed that Iraq, Iran, and North Korea were an Axis of Evil (never mind that at least two of the countries hated each other), what has Anne Northup's good buddy done?

A war in Iraq that has a large chunk of our military bogged down and worn out.

Refused to do much in the form of diplomacy to stem the creation of nuclear weapons by Iran and North Korea, two countries who posed a far greater threat than Iraq.

Feel safer? In the coming days, Bush and the Republicans will posture that because of these threats, we need "tough leaders". So far their strategy of saying whatever pops into their head and hoping the rest of the world falls in line hasn't worked. It's time for people who can balance the need to get tough with the need to have discussions and work for diplomatic solutions.

Bush has failed miserably domestically and abroad. No matter how many times he tells you otherwise, the reality is slowly sinking in

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