Friday, October 20, 2006

Annie Northup -- Yarmuth should be criticized for benefiting from something I support

Annie's latest attack ad (note.... still no recent ads telling us what she's going to do or where she stands that weren't paid for by special interests) criticizes John Yarmuth for saying he believes we should raise the minimum wage when he profits from a restaurant chain that pays its employees minimum wage.

Yarmuth has countered that the restaurants he personally owns pay the higher minimum wage in Florida and that any restaurants paying lower are franchise owners who are free to pay the prevailing wage.

The tone of the ad seems to say is that Annie believes Yarmuth shouldn't profit from the minimum wage. But what Annie "Hey, I'm still olympic champion Mary T's sister" Northup doesn't say is that she is all for $5.15 an hour and thinks that if it is raised, it should be in conjunction with tax cuts for businesses. In other words, she thinks it is perfectly okay for businesses to pay a poverty wage and make lots of money doing so unless they're owned by John Yarmuth.

Lost in all of this is that Anne's got more money than John, and one would have to guess that her investments and personal profits were gained in some part by people who will make less in a lifetime than Anne spends in a couple of weeks on attack ads.

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