Monday, October 09, 2006

Anne Northup's Republican Apologists on the Foley Scandal -- He's been Punked!

The aftermath of the Foley scandal has been sickly amusing. The party that criticizes the victim mentality among minorities starts calling themselves victims, even when they "accept the blame".

Take Hastert. Please. He blames the media and Clinton. In a sense, he's correct. Wasn't it the party of conservative values and a Talibanesque FCC who gave us months of hearings about misused cigars and semen stained dresses, and talked about the tremendous abuses of office by a powerful man taking advantage of a young girl?

Rush Limbaugh and a female caller last week blamed the kid, saying "he knew what he was doing". I guess he seduced Foley, who just couldn't resist the siren song of the boy's IMs.

But the worst is the new belief that this whole scandal was essentially a prank by teenage pages. Sounds completely plausible. After all, what teenage boy hasn't pretended to be a homosexual and exchanged pornographic messages with a man more than twice his age so that they could share them with the entire country?

Who thinks it is a prank? Great conservative pundits like James Dobson, Matt Drudge, and Michael Savage.

Ridiculing minors who are sexually abused. Guess that's what Anne Northup means when she talks about the values she and her party support.

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