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Anne Northup's Campaign Chairman feels true patriots don't support peace?

Remember the signs that papered Louisville a few years back that said, "Support President Bush and Our Troops"? Well, that was the idea of Anne Northup's campaign manager Ted Jackson. I always found the signs interesting in the way they put Bush ahead of the troops. It sounded more a statement of politics than national pride. It wasn't until I did some digging that I found this article in which Anne's trusted advisor to her numerous smear campaigns seems to take issue with anyone who thinks war is a bad idea.

War with Iraq Local views; Political worker organizes show of support for Bush, U.S. troops
Courier-Journal, The (Louisville, KY)
March 21, 2003
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Ted Jackson

Louisville businessman Ted Jackson was driving to his office on Frankfort Avenue one morning this year when he saw a large sign that read, ``Peace is patriotic.''

Jackson, a 47-year-old Republican political worker who has organized three successful election campaigns for U.S. Rep. Anne Northup, R-Louisville, said he realized he had to respond.

On Feb. 5, he called Viacom Outdoor and signed a contract personally guaranteeing $5,500 for one month's cost for a billboard. His sign went up the next day along southbound Interstate 65, near Jacob Street.

Against a dark blue field with red and white stripes rippling across the bottom, the billboard reads: ``Support President Bush and Our Troops.''

After signing the contract, Jackson called a few friends to help he and they made some phone calls and sent e-mails and quickly rounded up nearly 100 donors who chipped in $10 to $500.

About a third of the contributions came from Democrats, he said two of the friends he called were Tim Mulloy and Bob Gunnell, prominent local Democrats who are Jackson's partners in the Commonwealth Group, a governmental affairs, lobbying and consulting firm.

Jackson, who also set up a Web site called, said he has nearly enough contributions to cover the second, 30-day run of the billboard. And he said he expects to raise enough to have the billboard up ``for as long as needed.''

The message in April will be moved to a different location, a billboard along northbound I-65 near Hancock Street.

Jackson said he has received dozens of positive e-mails about the effort and only a handful of negative ones.

He described as especially touching and rewarding an unsigned e-mail he received recently from the wife of a Fort Campbell soldier. It read, ``I would be one of the first ladies to say I do not want to go to war. But supporting my husband and all of our troops, along with the president, is something I take pride in.''

Jackson said he believes that those protesting the war are a minority, but one that sometimes is ``more vocal and energized and is able to get their message out.''

``Well, we believe we need to get our message out and to be heard.''

Jackson described his feelings about the onset of the war ``as apprehensive.''

``But I support it 100 percent. The risk of not acting is much greater than acting. I trust President Bush. . . . He has the best interest of the country at heart.''

Jackson said people who want to donate to the billboard effort can make checks payable to Viacom Outdoor c/o Ted Jackson 2306 Frankfort Ave. Louisville, Ky. 40206.

- Sheldon S. Shafer

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