Saturday, October 07, 2006

Anne Northup Presses the Flesh at St. James Art Show

As I wandered the St James Art show, I was dismayed at the appearance of the Northup for Congress stickers. Finally we got to St. James Court and saw people handing them out. They were relentless, and I wondered how many people, like myself, did it to be polite.

Later, I saw Anne working another section of the court. She looked so friendly. I wonder why it is that so many of us disconnect the rabid attack dog of her ads when we see her in person. Isn't the friendly woman in front of you who really just wants your vote the same one who turns on the venom for her campaign ads?

I'm wondering how many people out there have, like I have, asked her office to look into something and never heard another word, or heard, "Sorry!". As much as I dislike Mitch McConnell's politics, he does take steps to make things happen when you ask him.

I wonder if Anne happened to get a look at the photography exhibit that had (GASP!) nude people in it. That certainly wouldn't play well to the base, seeing her attending a public event with nudity on clear display.

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