Sunday, October 08, 2006

Anne criticizes Yarmuth for defending constitutional idea of separation of church and state

Out of John Yarmuth's opinion column on gay marriage, which contains a lot of historical perspective about the issue, Anne chooses to pull this:

“The only possible basis for denying homosexuals the right to marry is the dubious notion that there is a compelling governmental interest at stake. The Bible and tradition don’t count. ”

The point she's trying to drive home is that John doesn't think the Bible or tradition are important. Of course, she ignores the preceding sentence that says "Not that I or anyone else should allow our laws to be based on ancient documents that are specifically denied any status in our Constitution."

You know the Constitution, don't you Anne? It's that thing you hang on a roll in your bathroom at home.

The truth is that the same people in our government who talk about the threats of religious extremists against our freedom are the very same who want to curtail freedoms in the name of religion.

Republicans don't hold the institution of marriage any more sacred than the Democrats. Given the number of prominent Republicans who have gotten divorced, its clear that the issue is another effort to pander to the base, not to hold any true beliefs or values of their own.

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