Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Yarmuth Record -- Anne's attempt to lose?

Reading some of the items Anne Northup's chosen, you have to wonder if these items are the worst she could find out of hundreds of columns. Some of the ones she chooses contain offenses that she herself is guilty of.

Take the one that she chooses this quote from:

On Anne Northup -
“Rep. Northup, Carmack said, on numerous occasions had told contributors to take a hike when they suggested she owed them her vote. He is right. I should have been more careful about the way I made my points, because his interpretation is not what I intended . . . While I certainly believe that the contributions to Northup by business interests affect her votes on certain issues, I don’t believe those contributions are made in exchange for specific votes. Rather, I believe those special interests expect Northup to vote their way more times than not. Singling her out could create the impression for some readers that I believe she is more pliable than other politicians. I don’t.”
–LEO March 28, 2001 (Upon Further Review)

In the article, John says "Sometimes people get a different impression of what you write than the one you were attempting to communicate. Sometimes it's their fault; sometimes it's the writer's." One could argue that the staffers who spent hours scouring these columns were looking for that "different impression".

But you have to wonder if they were reading closely. Anne's lackeys apparently didn't read the section of the article that said, "My greater concern about American electoral politics is that candidates can, with impunity, lie to the public about their own record and their opponents." Ring a bell, Anne?

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