Friday, September 22, 2006

Ask yourself why Anne's already in attack mode.

She's been in Congress for almost 10 years, so surely she has more to say about her own record then telling us about some future projects that may see the light of day in our lifetime.

Instead, she's used her vast campaign war chest to attack John Yarmuth. Anne did a lot grandstanding about her inability to get copies of all of John's LEO articles since he created the publication years ago. Her campaign paid to make copies of hundreds of issues of the newspaper, and apparently has had her staffers going over it ever since. Her commercials publicize these editorials, using the fact that she can take quotes out of context of either the editorial itself or the situations on which they are based to try and portray a negative picture of John.

But ask yourself.... who would YOU want representing you? Do you want a person who can't find anything of note in 9 years of public service to put in her own ads? Do you want a person who has spent most of those 9 years in blind service to her own party while ignoring the greater good of her state or her country? Do you want a person who thinks that putting opinions into print and occasionally changing your mind are bad qualities? If so, then vote for Anne Northup. If you want positive change for this community, then consider a vote for John Yarmuth.

Anne has spent 9 years bashing her opponents with all the money that the Republican Party can give her. She's a bully because she can be. Send her a message and vote for John Yarmuth on election day.

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