Monday, September 25, 2006

Anne criticizes Yarmuth for avoiding Vietnam

As we know, Anne likes sending our boys to fight and die in a fruitless war. So its no surprise that one of the John Yarmuth she takes issue with is a 1992 LEO editorial in which he says, in part "Bill Clinton was like millions of other 22-year-old men of the era, reluctant to die in a futile war, concerned about his fellow citizens who had no options, confused by the conflict between moral and civic responsibilities. I was a 1969 college graduate, and I was prepared to use all of my wits and my family’s influence to avoid Vietnam, if not the military."

I guess Anne was willing to go had her number come up in the draft. Oh wait, I forgot, women weren't drafted.

I wonder if she's ever reflected on the actions of the man she slavishly follows, George W. Bush. I guess she assumes that W used none of his father's influence to ensure that during Vietnam he was serving when he wanted to safely at home in the Texas Air National Guard. He certainly wasn't alone among his Republican brethren in avoiding Vietnam.

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